Yttrocolumbite is yttrium-rich columbite, a brown to blackish-brown oxide mineral. Yttrium, a chemical element with the symbol “Y”, is a silvery-metallic transition metal and is considered a rare earth element. It is helpful for an important ore of the industrially useful metal. It is used in alloys for improved strength. It also has shown superconductive properties and is being studied with other metals for a possible breakthrough alloy in this new industrial field.

Yttrocolumbite is a radioactive mineral and found in granite, pegmatites, and placer deposits. They occur abundantly in western Australia. By the early 21st century Mozambique had become the world’s largest extractor of yttrocolumbite.

Magical and Mystical Properties
  • It assists in the absorption of iron and manganese from food.
  • It strengthens the eyesight.
  • It creates equilibrium between the physical and the spiritual selves
  • It brings insight into problems and helps you make a decision.
  • It helps if you are suffering from any kind of addiction.
  • It provides balance and stability.

Though it has some mystical properties, it is rarely used in healing. Moreover, it is used in industries as metal or mineral.

PS: Being Rare is Real!
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