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We will be together

Novel: We will be together

Author: Ranju Gobbll

Publisher: Leading trails Publishers

Genre: RomCom Fiction

Published: January 2019

ISBN: 978-81-937420-9-9

Ahhh… I just completed this book and yet again a light romantic read. Once you start reading you will feel that the story is common but it takes a turn midway. This story is related to two protagonists Ruhi and Prithvi.

Ruhi, a growing beauty. While hormones were demolishing disturbance in her five feet two-inch body, her mother has expected her to be a hundred percent in her academics. Not just this, on her very special day i.e. on her birthday she got to know she had fallen for someone who is just not worth her feelings. As a result, she flunks her examinations.

On the other end is Prithvi, a small town intelligent and responsible boy who is not only pursuing robotic management but also having lots of fun along with his loyal friends. But there is a twist!

What is it?

How did Ruhi and Prithvi meet?

How did they fall in love with each other?

I would love to keep the answers covert. These questions would be well answered once you read the book.

I just loved the second half of the book which is not a typical romantic journey.

Ranju Gobbll, the author of the novel has attractively fabricated the second half of the story. It would be a great read for those who love fantasy stories because the second half of the story will take you to the journey full of fantasies.

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