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A Girl Behind The Stars

“Why do you want to join NCC?” my dad asked.

I am standing in front him, keeping my head low. I am in my First year of degree college and I want to join the Nation Cadet Corps (NCC) to prepare myself to join the Indian Armed Forces.

“Tell me,” my dad asked again in a loud voice.

I gathered courage, looked into his eyes and replied in a stumbling voice, “It calls me.”

My dad raised an eyebrow.

“The Uniform! It attracts me inexplicably. It calls me towards it.”

A Girl Behind The Stars is a story of friendship, love and the determination to live your dreams. It is a story of a girl named Avni. Avni is born in a middle-class South Indian Family. She is a mixture of introvert and stubborn. She is living the simple life, yet dreams high. She aspires to be an Army Officer; But… Yes, but the journey isn’t a cake walk. Does she have the determination to make it?

Stay tuned. Launching Soon!