Upcoming Novel

A Girl Behind The Stars

Main Characters:

  • Avni : Lead Character
  • Ayan: Love of Avni’s life
  • Janvi: Avni’s College BFF
  • Meghna: Avni’s Course mate
  • Mr and Mrs Nair: Avni’s Parents

Story Line:

Readers will notice that the story switches between the present time of Avni and flashes back to her past. As the story flows it will reveal many secrets of Avni’s life. The story explores the fact that the hard work and determination can even turn the fate towards you.

“Why do you want to join National Cadet Corps?” my dad asked.

I am standing in front him, keeping my head low. I am in my First year of junior college and I want to join Nation Cadet Corps (NCC) to prepare myself to join the Indian Armed Forces.

“Tell me.” my dad’s loud.

I gained courage, looked into his eyes and replied in stumbled voice, “It calls me.”

My dad raised an eyebrow.

“The Uniform! It attracts me. It calls me towards it.”

A Girl Behind The Stars is a story of a girl named​ Avni. Avni is born in a middle class South Indian Family. Youngest among her two elder sisters. She is a mixture of introvert and stubborn. She lives simple life yet dreams high. She aspires to be an Army Officer; But… Yes, but the journey isn’t a cake walk. Harassed by her own cousin, fracture in her leg, depression and cruel world. Does she able to make it? Stay tuned. Launching Soon!