Theme Reveal BlogChatter A to Z challenge – Healing your surroundings and your soul

“Healing your surroundings and your soul.” says my theme. 

What does it mean and why I chose this theme?

In the Holy Book – Bhagwat Geeta, it is mentioned that “Everything here happens for a reason.” Have you ever thought – what’s the purpose of your life?

Everyone has one but you won’t realize it until you will peep inside yourself – your own soul. The question of the purpose of life has already troubled me a lot. So, to seek the answer and quench the thirst of my subconscious I started studying the Power of Healing. It made me realize that I have got a passionate exuberance and lust for life. 

So here I am trying to help my fellow human beings to lead a peaceful life. In order to do so, I will be spreading the wisdom I received from my Masters. Let me assure you that you also have the Power to be wholeheartedly amazing.

In the upcoming blogs, I will be writing about the healing crystals you can use to balance your life. 

If you have ever felt out of sync with your body, drained out from the mind and blocked your heart for not just loving others but also yourself. “Then do follow the series”

You must be thinking who am I? I am not just an author of a fictional novel, but I am also a learner. I am doing my Masters in Reiki Healing (Humans as well as Animals)  and also an upcoming practitioner. 

Things I learned:

  • To accept myself with my flaws.
  • I shouldn’t be afraid to go after what I want.
  • I shouldn’t be guilty about the intensity I got.
  • How to balance life.
  • How to be positive even if there is a hell lot of negativity going around.
  • How to cleanse your aura and make your surroundings positive.

The things I learned are quite intense. So, I am preferably going to keep everything simple. Whether you want to discover the healing modality or not, my intention is to help you embrace yourself and make every day better than the previous one.

6 thoughts on “Theme Reveal BlogChatter A to Z challenge – Healing your surroundings and your soul

    1. Thank you s much Samantha. It seems that we need some positivity in such a negative situation. I visited your website too. Found some interesting content. I am going to read it all.

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