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The essence of choosing!

So, I am back again with my monologue for all the girls who are depressed and struggling with the word “Characterless”. A few days ago one of my friend cried in front of me saying, “My own family thinks that I am characterless just because I have three relationships in the past. Now when I finally want to marry someone who loves me the way I am, who accepts me with all my faults; they say that I am not for marriage.”

No doubt, I felt bad for her. Then I thought that it won’t be just her, there will be plenty of girls out there in the world who may be struggling with this situation. Yeah! Maybe the level of depression is so high that they even want to commit suicide.

Firstly, any girl or women in this world is not characterless. You have feelings and it’s not your fault if you fell for someone who was so weak that he can’t even accept you the way you are. Secondly, no one has the rights to call you characterless, whore or a slut because they don’t know the inch of what you went through. Thirdly, if you are expecting that your future partner will understand all the stuff then keeping that expectation is also wrong.

In such situations, only you can help yourself because no one knows you better. If you also feel that being in multiple relationships makes you characterless then I would like to recommend you to watch one movie “Dear Zindagi”. There is one dialogue in it, “When we go to buy chairs we try many before buying one, so then what is the problem in looking for option while selecting a life partner”. It is funny to compare a partner with a chair, but what’s wrong with it. Think about it logically. If you are not comfortable in sitting on the chair and you still end up buying that chair, just imagine how uncomfortable your butts will feel every day. Doesn’t it kind of make sense?

So, if you were in multiple relationships before finally choosing your life partner then you are not characterless. Just think that you are choosing a comfortable chair for yourself. Do not get influenced and hurt yourself for what other people think about you. Don’t let other people take the steering wheel of your life in their hand. Just sit in the driver seat and ride towards the beautiful journey of life.


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