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That Thing About You

That Thing About You

Novel: That Thing About You
Author: Abhaidev
Publisher: Write India Publishers
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Fiction

Published: June 2019
ISBN: 978-81-938903-6-3

This story gave me a feeling of a roller coaster ride. Initially, it went smoothly and then it gave me a heave of surprise and in the end gave me thrill along with joy. Lots of goosebumps… goosebumps… goosebumps. Phew! I am still holding this book close.

The story revolves around a protagonist named Subodh. He is a regular IT professional and is usually discerned as an undisciplined, immature 27-year-old manchild. As a person, he is an introvert and he likes to do the opposite of what others do around him. He was enjoying his lazy life and his soulless job until he got a jerk. A jerk of getting rejected by the love of his life or you can say one-sided love of his life just because he being immature and the story took an interesting turn.

A heart-broken Subodh met an unusual female friend. A friend who knows everything about him. A friend who showed him who he truly is and guides him. A friend who knows him as his soul. Who is she? How did he meet her? Is she real or is it just going inside his mind?

It’s better to read it to know about it. Each page of the story will leave you with surprises. This is one of the unpredictable stories I have ever read.

Author Abhaidev has written this story in a very nice flow. The flow of the story is very good. The philosophies written by him will indeed leave you to think about it twice. The ending… I must say… It is just more than astounding. I am still getting goosebumps.

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