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Short Story: The dog on a road…

I work in one of the MNC in Mumbai and the benefit of working in MNC is that I get pick up and drop facility. I usually don’t use pickup facility but for traveling back home I do take office cab.
A month ago, when I was traveling back home; the driver was driving the car in 80km/hr speed. Suddenly, from somewhere a dog emerged in the middle of the road.
“Careful!” I screamed and listening to me driver decreased the speed. That dog was so close that I got scared the car would hit him. Fortunately, it didn’t.
“Don’t worry madam, the car didn’t hit him.” Driver said.
I nodded and thanked him.
” Madam, can I say something?” He asked
“Yes please!” I replied.
“There is a boy in my neighborhood who is very young and he works in the domestic airport. One day he was riding the bike and there was a dog in the middle of the road. From the other side, there was a  truck in full speed. The dog ran towards his side and while saving that dog he met with an accident and got paralyzed. Now, he is unable to move his lower body. He still works in the domestic airport but he uses a wheelchair. See, just because he saved that dog he got paralyzed.”
“So you think that just because he saved that dog he got paralyzed.”
“Obviously! Everybody thinks like that.”
The other people with whom I was sharing my ride started to talk on how people get injured while just saving a dog.
I laughed and shook my head.
“What happened Madam?” He asked and everyone else became quiet.
“You said that dog ran towards him and just to save that dog he got paralyzed.” I took a pause and then continued
“Have you ever thought that why would an unknown dog run towards a person who is riding a bike? No, right? Maybe that dog saved your friend!”
“How come?” He asked unamused.
“Do you believe that everything that happens to us is written somewhere?”
And other people also agreed.
“The accident was written somewhere. You said there was a truck coming from the other side with full speed. Have you ever thought; maybe that truck would have been a reason for your friend’s death! Maybe that dog emerged in the middle of the road and ran towards your friend just to save him. Maybe your friend is alive just because of that dog. Though he got paralyzed he is alive and he is not financially dependent on anyone. He still goes to work. Think about it once!” I said and plugged in my earphones. 
I noticed everyone is quiet and doing their own work rather than talking about the same topic. It was my last drop. I reached home after half an hour.
“Thank you, Madam!” He said while I was getting out from the cab. I looked at him with a question mark on my face.
“I never thought the way you think. If people start to think like you then this world would be the better place to live in.”
I smiled and left.

Today, it was the same driver driving a cab when I was traveling back home. He smiled and asked in a very generous way about how am I. It was again my last drop.
“Madam, one minute I want to show you something.” He stopped me when I was getting out.
He unlocked his mobile and showed me a picture of a guy who was sitting in a wheelchair and was laughing happily. It was that guy who met with an accident and the reason for his happiness was licking his face. It was a cute little puppy sitting on his lap and licking his face. 
“It’s Sheru. He is stray and my friend adopted him after I told him what you said to me that day. There is one more pic.” Saying he scrolled right. It was his picture playing with a cute little dog.
“Mine. Her name is Maya!”
He smiled. My eyes became moist. I patted on his shoulder and said,
” You know maybe that dog emerged in front of your car that day so that it could bring some change in your life. 🙂 Take care of them as your own baby!” And I left.
I smiled and I love the reason for my smile.

PS: Dogs can never be a reason for any unfortunate situation of your life!

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