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SAVITRI – An Abandoned Daughter

Novel: SAVITRI – An Abandoned Daughter

Author: Mamta Dahiya

Publisher: BlueRose

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Published: July 2019

ISBN: 978-93-5347-576-5

Savitri – An Abandoned Daughter is beautifully written by Author Mamta Dahiya. Savitri – An Abandoned Daughter is a story of a fourteen-year-old strong and ambitious girl. She is born with a silver spoon in one of the rural areas in India. The circumstances of the area where she stays are not that blissful for a girl child. But as she is very much close to her father who is not only an advocate but also one of the richest people of the village, she gets a privilege to at least study in a government school. Her father is her role model. He gives her a wing to fly, to dream and to accomplish her dream.

But fate always likes to play with the strongest people and this time fate has chosen Savitri. Due to one devastating incident, her family got separated. Separation is not just enough. Everyone in her family including her father had abandoned her leaving her all alone. She starts to live in a village ashram, worked in other’s houses for food and money. She deals every day with the world and society whom her father hated so much. Finally, her uncle adopted her. it wasn’t an ending. He didn’t adopt her for love and realizing his responsibility towards her. He adopted her just to showcase love in front of society so that he can win the election. He then within a quarter year married her to the poorest farmer who is ten years elder than her.

The feeling is nerve-wracking. The most conservative family, having a small house and a ten year elder husband. How would Savitri live her life? Till then she had already become a stone-hearted person. A person without any emotions. Who is just breathing? Would her life ever change?

Author Mamta Dahiya has beautifully narrated the story and the Successful twist in Savitri’s life. The poems that she has written before each chapter is so deep and intense. Again, it is a story of woman empowerment and the strength each woman possesses in their aura.

To conclude this, I would like to suggest the author and the publishers to translate the book and publish it in Hindi. I would like to suggest that the distribution should go to the rural areas and must be distributed among the girl schools. As the story would not only inspire the girl child but also help them to figure out their true selves.

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