Radiant Crystals starting from letter ‘R’


“I am releasing and healing old emotional wounds with grace, compassion, and love. I am attracting healthy, unconditional love into my life.”

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As the above affirmation says, Rhodochrosite eases emotional pain resulting from subconscious memories and helps heal emotional wounds from the past. It strengthens memory and intellect. It is a stone for compassion and activates the heart chakra. It is said to attract love and romance. It intensifies passion and eroticism in interpersonal relationships. It helps to raise your self-esteem and self-worth by increasing self-love. The loving vibrations of rhodochrosite deepen the feeling of empathy.


“I am generous heart. I share my gifts freely with the world.”

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The pink color in Rhodonite strengthens love while the black provides emotional protection. It relieves pressure, builds up confidence and alleviates confusion. It encourages forgiveness and keeps emotions grounded. It is a great crystal for discovering hidden talents. It is helpful to find your life path and make you feel connected to the community so that you can give your unique contribution to the world. By meditating with this beautiful stone, you can gain clarity to your unique destiny in life.


“I choose to be cheerful in my life.”

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Rhyolite is an excellent stone for keeping you anchored in the present rather than looking back to the past. Good for bringing things to a resolution. Rhyolite helps people who are solitary and reclusive to allow others into their lives. It creates a good connection with mother nature. Rhyolite is also known as an enchanting stone whose hypnotic formation lends itself to a wish-granting power. It makes your dream come true. It also allows you to recognize and overcome the obstacle that holds you back for doing something. It can help reveal a true nature and see into past illusion.

Rose Quartz

“I open my heart to love, forgiveness, and joy. I welcome all that is good in the world.”

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This pink beauty is one of my favorite crystal. Rose Quartz is known as ‘The Love Stone’. It balances, heals and rejuvenates emotions. It has a cooling effect on your tempers, clears stored anger, guilt, and jealousy. Rose Quartz encourages compassion and harmony. It attracts the love of all kinds and emits stronger vibrations of unconditional love. It resonates with the heart chakra, helping to heal any blockage with the heart.

Rose quartz are lovely healing crystal for you to have throughout your home as its loving vibration and powerful energy helps to heal relationship problem.

All these crystals resonate with the heart chakra and are beneficial for all the zodiac.

PS: “You are worthy of loving and being loved. Trust it!”
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