Miracle From Heaven

She takes birth. She is a survivor. She is a daughter. She is a miracle as she puts color inside your world. A hug from her is a solution to your problems. She is stubborn and messy but she is a definition of perfection and beauty.





She is a sister. She is a friend. She giggles, keep secrets and share tears. She is like a mirror shining back at you. She annoys, criticizes and interferes but when someone breaks your heart she is the one who stands like a rock.

She gave life and she is a wife. She is a mother and has a heart like a feather. She is brave and has a strong character. She comforts you when you are in storm and dance with you in the rain. She teaches the meaning of love. She is light in your darkness and cheers in your gloom.

Appreciate her, nobody dares. Ask her worries, nobody care. They are invisible like air; they are her tears. She works, cook and clean. She helps, laughs and hides her pain. All this is she and what we do?

Complains about tiniest things and create a mess in her life. Provide her trauma and leave her feeling miserable. Snub her advice and tell her that she is nothing. She is tortured, abused and always used. In order, you to be free, she swallows her pride. She overlooks your ignorance and endures your faults. You call her Bitch, Slut, Hoe, and Tramp. She answers with pride, dignity and a complete loss of self.

You call her nothing.

I call her Strong, Smart, Sensual, Caring, Giving, Surviving, Tolerant and powerful…

I call her WOMAN!

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