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Love at the speed of Skype

The more I look around the world, the more I get confused.

I watch people get into relationships and then break up a few months later because they didn’t realize how much “work” it would be to stay together. The percentage of breakups increases when it comes to a long-distance relationship. As per the recent studies, 85 percent of relationship ends in a breakup. Long-distance is hard enough. Yeah, there are some countless things about them to relish – unlimited alone time, not having to fight for space, being able to go out with your friends all the time without anyone getting upset- but overall, being thousands of miles’ away from each other is kind of blows. People don’t seem to realize that any relationship is a long-term commitment.

Today, one of my very close friend who is into a long-distance relationship came to me and said “I am fed up. Either I want him closer or I want a break-up.”
“What is the issue?” I asked her. She gave me a list of silly things. So, being a love guru of her life I gave her some tips which I want to share with you all.

First and the most vital thing is to be happy. Take care of your body. Stay beautiful, work out, go clothes shopping, do your make up every morning, Do your hair! WAKE UP AND LIVE!

To cope up with the long-distance relationship there is one hymn, “Keep yourself busy all the time.” If you have to, make sure you are literally doing something from 9 am to 12 am so that you don’t have time to be uneasy without him.

Don’t center your life around him. Develop your hobby instead. You have time to be with your friends, focus on your career and develop your hobbies.

Don’t doubt. Be Loyal and work on your relationship. Trust each other. Be a gang of two people. Be friends. You know even if love fades away after certain duration; your trust and your friendship will keep your relationship alive.

Don’t keep all the things to yourself. Your happiness, your anger. Share everything. Tell every day how much you miss him and how much he means to you. You might be the only light at the end of his tunnel. Don’t blame each other for anything. Communicate with each other. Communication is the only key in LDRs. In today’s era, our world has become digital. So there are so many means of communications you may use. From IMs to Skype.

Guys, I understand long distance relationships suck and the worst thing is about not having touch. Now, I am not talking about physical affection and that’s a whole different thing. Here, not having touch means the lack of communication due to your busy schedule and its after-effect is the hollowness in your life. It’s tough but at the end of the day, he’s the person you want. If you love each other and you want to live this life with each other, then it doesn’t matter how far you are with your partner because you have him within your heart 24/7 and you know one day you don’t have to miss him because he will be right here in front of you.



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