Life is a Journey…

It’s been 3 years I started this blog. Omg!!! 3 years. The saddest moment is that I was unable to give time to my website because of the busy schedule in my job. But some of my readers and followers know that I have already left the job and giving most of my time to the people I love and things I love to do!

A Few days ago, while updating my wordpress I felt that something is missing on my page. So I decided to kick-start it again. Did someone say Partyyyyy?!? Yay!

I’m starting to come to a point where I know which direction I want to go with it. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait to find that out. My intention to start this blog is to express and share the thing I feel. In my upcoming blogs, I will write down my stories, share my passion towards dogs, travel, food and connect with like-minded people.

Meanwhile, in today’s blog, I want to ask you that what does a Journey means to you?

Since childhood, I have traveled a lot. I have done my schooling from Northern part of India, I have completed my Masters from Western part and my roots belong from Southern part of India. All these years, I used to think that I have traveled. But now when I sit and think, I feel that I have not travelled. That’s my life’s journey.

I realized that the further I go, the closer to Me I get. Whoever I am today, It’s all because of that journey. Even when I did not understand it, I trusted it. It was a journey towards myself. I became so many people to be who I am today. I have always got two diverged paths and I took the one less traveled by. I guess made my journey quite unique from others. It took me so long to understand myself. It’s just you have to keep patience, be gentle on yourself, being real and authentic.

Today, before restarting this blog. I lock the door to the past. Unlock the door to the future, takes a deep breath and step on the new journey of life. A journey which does not have any destination. If you are also starting something new just do not be afraid of what is new. It will challenge you. Be calm and remember if you will never go, you will never know!

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