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It Just Required One Step… Yes, just one step. This story took me to a journey of not just friendship and love, but also the hilarious politics happens in universities. Like seriously, I read books since I was 9, but this story is mind-boggling.

SAMAR, a protagonist is a simple boy from Lucknow who for the first time in his life took a decision to study at Hasting University oftenly known as Cambridge situated in Allahabad. He started his journey confused yet excited about being independent. At the university, he stays in the hostel, along with his childhood friend Girish and a boy named Sharma, who is the younger brother of ex MLA. On the very first day of the college, he fell in love with a girl named Nupur. And the things changed. Will he ever express his love towards Nupur? Will his childhood friendship with Girish will last forever? Will Sharma misuse his innocence for his political career or is it someone else? To get all the answers, I would suggest you to read the book.

Author Saif Israr has beautifully narrated the whole story. The narration of the story attracted me a lot. The way he narrated the love of Samar towards Nupur is simply amazing. The way he described her from head to toe… From inside-out skipped my heart. I personally stay away from the topic of politics, but the issues and the consequences written in the book are truly appreciable. While talking with him personally I also came to know that the cover of the book is amazingly designed by him.

To Saif,
I am waiting for its sequel and you know that!

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