Home is where my mom is!

It’s a special day today. Yes, as my title says you may have guessed it right. It’s a Mother’s Day and as per the calendar, it is celebrated across the globe on second Sunday of the May month. So, today I am here to tell you a story. I don’t remember where I read it. But it is very close to my heart. I even searched the internet to share its link with you but I am unable to find it. That’s the reason; I am writing whatever I remember. Read it and let me know how you felt. Share it with your Mom, because she is special. Amma, this is for you. I know I fail every time to express my love for you but I love you and you mean a world to me.

Here we go,

On seeing God busy, an Angel asked at last,

“What is this that you want to cast?”

God replied,

“After creating the other beings I found, That they need someone to guide them around,

So I decided to make one sacrifice

of giving this creation some of my qualities to make her nice.”

This is how Mom you landed on earth and since then you have proved your worth.

God gave me life but you put soul in it. Unnoticed by many, but you are my most precious asset. What many have said is so true, God couldn’t be everywhere thus he made you.


You are the potter who has molded me and taught me A for Apple & T for Tree. All these years passed like a wink of an eye, Without you, my life would have been so dry… Sorry for all the trouble I created and all the fights that I had initiated. But through this post, I just want to tell you that I love you the most.

Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom and to all the Mothers. And let me tell you that Mother’s day is not just for one day. Your existence will be always celebrated every day.


2 thoughts on “Home is where my mom is!”

  1. What a lovely piece of extract. You are such a wonderful daughter to your parents. You have not only made your mom happy but have also made her feel proud of you. She must definitely be feeling gifted to have a daughter like you in her life after reading this . I envy her😉

    1. Thank you so much Savitha!!! A daughter is always a pride for her Mom and Dad. I know your parents were also feeling proud of you !! 🙂

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