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Happy Friendship Day

It’s a friendship day today and it is just like a festival for us, isn’t it? The people who follow my posts know me very well, you also know about my feelings towards my parents. But I want you all to know about some people who are Gem of my life. They are precious. So this friendship month I would like to give a toast to friendship. I would like to start with the two most important friends of my life. Calling them just a friend would be an injustice, they are rather my lifeline.

Me & Sunita

Oh! She is the beauty queen. First time I met her during a team meet in the office. I never got an opportunity to meet her as I was doing night shift and the new hires were doing day. They were going through with the trainings. The first thing I noticed about her was her laugh. Yes, she laughs loud. We started to share smiles. Then the mistake happened… not from our side but our manager did that mistake which later on proved as a blessing for us. The mistake was to keep both of us in same shift. Our bonding, our trust on each other grew day by day. From sharing food to sharing each others deep secrets. From giggling on a joke to having a crush on… ummm… let’s not make that public. She even taught me to put a lipstick and to wear that stunning smile on face. Oh my god! How could I forget her love for lipstick. I mean she love her lipsticks more than anyone else. Huh! I am Jealous!

Anil & Me

Anil, I call him Ani. Don’t you dare to call him Ani. First time I saw him in the elevator of our office. I avoided him. Though, I knew that he was in the same process but different team. First time I had a talk with him was when my manager officially announced that he is moving into our team. I went to his desk to make him comfortable to move to our team and the only thing I noticed was his smile. I don’t know how to describe that smile but it was showing his all thirty two teeth like this . Then the same mistake again happened… We both were kept in a same shift. I don’t understand how to describe my relation with him. It’s a mixture…First we both were like a student and teacher. Some things he learned from me and some things I learned from him. We used to talk a lot. Talk about somethings and nothings. Then the list goes on… he is sometimes a younger brother for me, sometimes a companion, sometimes he is like my son. He is no doubt my second child, first is but obvious Steffy. Don’t you again dare to say who is Steffy, your answer is here http://www.allshadesoflife.com/about-me/

You may be wondering that I may have friends since my school and college time then why am I sharing things about these two people? There is a reason… they always come first. Our friendship is just four years old but the bonding we share is from infinity. We three have not only shared the happiest moment of our life but also saw the gray clouds together. There was a time when I gave up on life. I was just breathing. There was just darkness and I was not able to see any gleam from the other side. I even tried to end it all. But these two angels stood like a pillar for me. They didn’t leave me for a single second. They used to come running for me. I remember one day I called Ani and he just heard my voice and asked where are you? I told him. His relative was admitted in hospital, but he left from there and came running just to meet me. Today, on this occasion of friendships day I really want to thank you both. Thank you for coming into my life… Thank you for always being there for me… And thank you for giving me a second life. I love you both!

Happy friendship day!


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