Another special day of the year is here. It’s a Father’s Day and as per the calendar it is celebrated across the globe on third Sunday of the June month. Father’s existence has been always silent. In the world people give a lot of importance to mummas but dads are also equally important. I mean, I am a daughter and for me my dad is as important as my mom. So, its my turn today to tell you Dad that how much I appreciate the things you have done for me since childhood.



In a world of darkness, your face lighten up my days,

Bearing all troubles and distress,

You bring joy and happiness my way,

The words you speak resound in my ears,

With you I can overcome all my fears.

In your arms, I search and find refuge,

When my problems seem ever so huge.



In your eyes I find the friend I need,

Who shows me how a good life to lead.

To you I owe my dignity; To you I owe my pride;

When others said as a girl cooking is what I need,

You stood your ground and asked me to earn a career instead.



Achen (Dad), I know these words are not enough. I just want to say thank you for all the joys you brought, for all the things you taught, for making me a woman from a little girl. But no matter how much I grow up, no matter how much I succeed in my life, I will always and always be your little girl.

           Happy Father’s Day!

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