Flourite – Focus, Cleansing, Learning & Clarity

“I Am Smart Enough To Clear My Mind From Distraction. I Am Capable To Take Decisions. I Realize That I Can Always Discover New Learning.”

The above affirmation itself explains that Flourite works great at intensifying one’s mental ability, rapid processing of information, and bring mental clarity. Fluorite advances the mind and increases concentration. It has a stabilizing influence on all levels and is a calming crystal.

Flourite has a very unusual quality as it gives off light in darkness when exposed to a source of heat. If you ‘re having problems getting to sleep or keep waking up at night,try using this rainbow crystal to deal with insomnia.

Meaning of Colors

The multiple color in Flourite represents different benefits –

  • Green color represents clarity and direction.
  • Yellow color represents manifestation, abundance, and prosperity.
  • Purple color represents psychic ability, alignment, and soul work.
  • Teal Blue color represents balance, staying on track and soul path.
  • Indigo represents finding purpose and third-eye activation.

Healing Properties

Flourite connects you to your higher self and protects you from negative energy including anxiety, fear and depression. It is beneficial for students as it stimulates their concentration and focus. You can also keep it in your office desk/drawer if your work involves lot of analysis and quick thinking.

  • Again, it reduces mental clutter & anxiety.
  • It is the best crystal to use to overcome any form of disorganization.
  • It teaches the importance of the balance of mind with the body.
  • It enhances thinking and creativity.
  • It assists you to make wise decisions.

As it has the metaphysical properties, it helps you think with clarity and to receive/process information in a rapid way. It is one of the strongest stones for overall cleansing and rejuvenation of the aura. It balances your third eye chakra.

Beneficial for zodiac: This goes with all the zodiac signs.

PS: “When you realize the other dimension exists; you will never think of life, death, yourself or the universe in the same way again.”
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