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Dosti… Yaariya…Friends and their Friendship

Dost Aur Unki Dosti

Dost aur unki dosti- Friends and their friendship…is a very beautiful thing. It is one of the purest relation exist in this world. Friendship is a relation which is as tender as a newborn baby. They are trustworthy and as one of my best friend says they are your passport too. I guess you understand what I mean to say. Everyone has at least one friend or a bunch of friends. I am blessed with the bunch of friends and when I am with them, a journey of my life becomes more joyful and vibrant. Guys, I miss you and this post is for you.

Friends… You are Special

Little did I know when we met that our friendship would last forever. Together we saw the world change and we stood by each other through good and bad times. It’s a nice feeling to know there is someone on whom I can count on. You have delighted my soul whenever I am in a vacant and sad mood. You know me… The real me. You know me when I dance like a drunken. You know me when I fight with someone like a Tapori. You know me how cheerful I look when I am happy and how miserably ugly I look when I am sad. Sometimes I fight with you, I also make you cry and at times I am so rude to you that I even hurt you inside. You tolerate my mood swings but still, you love me a lot.

No matter what, you gave so much to me. A love that will last for years and challenges. We cannot meet nowadays and maybe in future I may not be with you but the moments we have shared together would always remain in my heart till I die. I don’t know what the coming morning brings for us. But I wish before I close my eyes… before I take my last breath, I would like to live this life again with you all and I hope this wish comes true.

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