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Dakshin Diaries: A Rail Trip from Mumbai to Madurai

I absolutely love finding train ride unique as compared to airways. No doubt if you travel via air, you get all the luxury and comfort and you can view some scoop of Vanilla Icecream clouds and some beautiful miniature looking construction and scenery. But train rides have no comparison. They winds you through with great scenery, rugged mountains, passes you through with villages, streams, rivers and so on.

As mentioned in my earlier post, we planned our journey 2 months ago. Trust me guys, no matter on which season you are planning to travel; book your tickets well in advance.

We have booked and planned our trip but it was unpredictable as it was raining heavily in Mumbai. It was Dadar Tirunelveli Superfast Express which is a weekly train. It belongs to Indian Railway Southern Zone and runs between Dadar Terminus and Tirunelveli Junction via Konkan. So basically it runs through the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

A week ago it has been canceled and we were praying to all the holy spirit that it must not get canceled one the day we are traveling. Fortunately, it did not! We started our journey at 10:00 pm at night. So, we went off to sleep.

The other day when we woke up it was a beautiful view of the coastal area. The rice field, coconut tree, and the beautiful sea. The best thing was to share the moment with your family. We were mostly eating, playing, chit-chatting, sleeping and viewing the beautiful scenery. If you see the below video, it really soothes your mind when you hear the chirping of birds and greenery. I believe if you have time and you traveling inside India then prefer train traveling, no doubt it is cheaper than Airways but it also allows you to build that bond with your family and give you the spectacular sightseeing along the way.

Check out the video and also comment on your point of view. Scroll down to know more about my rating.

✕ Pantry Car
✓ On-board Catering
✓ E-Catering

Cleanliness – 2.5/5:

They really need to work on their Cleanliness. It was around 33 hours of Journey but I did not see a Coach attender to come and clean the place. The toilet got cleaned up after 24 hours in Shoranur station.

Punctuality – 3.5/5:

The train got delayed due to rain in Mumbai. It started at 1 and a half hour late. Which is acceptable because it was raining heavily. It picked up the speed after Karnataka but then in Tamil Nadu, it halted for 3 hours in the morning. Just because of it we missed our connecting train.

Food – 2/5:

As there is no Pantry car, we had to wait for either On-boarding Catering or E-Catering. Thanks to Mumbai Dmart and Big Bazar. We bought so many snacks for our Journey.

Ticket Availability – 3/5: 

Book tickets two months ago and if there are any senior citizens traveling along then book it way before as it is a chance you won’t get a lower berth for them.

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