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In today’s world, the views on YouTube videos are more than the views in an article. Nowadays there are more viewers than a reader. But if in case, you are reading this. I request don’t click a back button. Read it just once and comment on your point of view.

I know this one question “Are we truly Independent? 1.0” will raise so many questions for me that the people against can boycott me from society. Simply, I just can’t stop writing. I have a couple of points to say which forced me to think “Are we truly independent?”.

Now you may be thinking why 1.0? It’s just because I am going to write about certain things that force my mind to think of it. As today we are celebrating our Independence Day, let me share a short story with you which made me think…

Are we patriotic from our heart ❤ or just to show it off 😎 ?

A few days ago, I have been to a shopping mall (Seawoods Grand Central) along with one of my friend. In Mumbai, these malls organize some or the other events daily. This event management team (organized by Mr. Sagar Aharwal) does a tremendous job. Mr. Sagar Aharwal through this blog, I appreciate and congratulate you and your team. You guys are just awesome!

So coming back to the story, We both were on the second floor and suddenly one lady with her beautiful voice started singing our National Anthem on the mic. Hearing it, I and my friend stood in the same place. In Attention! However, we observed the crowd around us. Some people were still busy doing window shopping while some were busy on clicking selfies. I appreciate that 20% crowd who genuinely stood at attention.

I seriously don’t have a problem with those 80% of people who did not give any respect to the National Anthem that day. But I have problem… Because I know as it is Independence Day today, all of them may have bought tricolor flags or batches from the vendors. May have accessorized it with their apparels or gadgets. They must have clicked pictures and have already uploaded it in their Social Media account.

Chalo, let’s assume I don’t have any issue with that also. It’s their life, isn’t it? Let them do anything. But I have a problem. I have a problem because when today ends and tomorrow begins. Those people will remove those respected tricolors from the apparel and gadgets and we all will see it on the floor, thrown away in the garbage and on the roads.

Just assume those respected tricolor have a soft voice. They are lying on the road. And the person who accessorized it was walking that way. And he was shouting “Hey, it’s me… I am here. I am yours.” But we human could not listen to nonliving things. That person stepped on it and walked away.

Phew… I have tears in my eyes while writing it. I don’t know and predict your reaction. I bet this happens every year.

Patriotism or national pride is love, devotion, and respect towards our homeland… our country. But for some of us, it is just those 3 days of the year. Independence Day, Republic Day and Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. These days are just 3 public holidays for them and as I have worked with some of the MNC, it is those days wherein if people work then they will receive double payment for a day. It is just those 3 days for them!

Sometimes, I don’t understand I must laugh or cry because people from my own life wished me Happy Republic Day instead of Happy Independence day. Shameful!

To wrap this topic up, I would request. It’s okay if you are not that patriotic. It’s your choice. You don’t have to sacrifice your life for your nation. The people who really wanted to serve the nation are already serving day and night without expecting anything. It’s just one simple thing, accessorize yourself with tricolor for a day and the next day… please keep it safe somewhere. It’s our tricolor… It’s our pride and it’s us!

Be a responsible citizen!

Thank you and hope to see you soon at 2.0.

Picture Credits: Naveed Ahmed

2 thoughts on ““Are we truly Independent?” – 1.0

  1. The time is changing cos I started myself to change and I heard it somewhere self change brings world change

    I’m glad …Thanks for mentioning me in your article, feels wow to read your name in someone’s work

    And ya still j there are many ppl who love reading (look at me) so pls never stop writing so that we never stop reading

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