Aging With Care

Being a Mumbaikar I travel by local train to go to my office daily. I see different people every day. But from past few days, one lady is sitting next to me. I observed that she carries a bag with “Guru Krupa” written on it.  Guru Krupa is an old age home located at Nerul – Navi Mumbai. I used to wonder about her job profile. One day I asked her, “Are you working at this old age home?”

“Yes.” She replied. Then she told me about the NGO and about the services they provide to the elderly people living there. I listened to her carefully and after she finished I said, “I appreciate the work you do, yet don’t you think the actual home for these elderly people is with their own kids.” She smiled and patted my shoulder.  Since then there have been so many thoughts running through my mind and those thoughts forced me to write this post.

Parents, they are the first people in our life. We exist in this world because of them. They are our first teacher. They are the one who teaches us to take the first step of our life. Then we start to take steps on our own. We are so busy in growing up that we often forget that they are growing old too. There is no doubt that you love and appreciate your parents. But some of you who are grown up child must have experienced it. There is not a single person – including me – who don’t hurt their parents.

As a child, you see your dad as a Superman who protects you and your siblings. You see your mom as your caretaker. She takes care of you each day; from your food to the cleanliness of your socks. I don’t know about you people; but whenever I used to look at my parents while growing up they were so energetic, so young and live. Presently, I can see their cute faces with little bit of wrinkled skin and grey hairs. The whole life they kept struggling for us. For our food, our education, to provide us shelter and to cloth us with the best they can give.

And what we as an adult child doing? Guys, we must think about it!

Appreciate your parents. Your parents love you with no boundaries. Never complain to them about the things they give you. They won’t tell you but maybe that are the only things they probably have with them. You owe your parents for the things they have done while you’re growing up. Don’t favor them with the money you earn; they are your responsibility like the way you were. They have sacrificed a lot for you. Give them your love, time and respect.

One day when they make an exit from our life, we would be shattered. As the life goes we would move on but the big vacuum becomes wider and deeper. We’ll feel like orphans – no parents at all. We will feel their absence, miss their guidance, faith, selfless and unconditional love. Although we were not too bad with them, we would feel we’ve not done enough. We may find new friends and relations, but our family members –  parents, siblings, spouse, and children can never be replaced. Each plays a vital role and there is no ‘undo’ button here. It’s better to realize this and stop taking them for granted.

Let’s forget and forgive for each other’s action which we may dislike. Let’s just do all the good things we can… In all the places, we can… At all the time, we can and make their world and their actual home a better to live in before its’ too late.

My Family… Can you see my baby?

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