About Me

Sneha Sathyanathan
Sneha Sathyanathan

First I am an honest reader then I am a writer. I love dogs, books, food, travel, selfies, adventure and Army. I am a Daydreamer, an HRO Girl in one of the leading MNC and this is my website. I live in Mumbai, have a cute dog named Steffy.

2017 is a new beginning, an exciting start for a new life, of chasing adventure and dream. All these years, I used to wonder who am I? I wanted to be an army officer but I failed, I never wanted to do 9 to 5 job but I am doing it. I was always a diary writer. One day my friend came, gave me a paper and pen and ordered “Write.” So I wrote about parents. Then he said, “Sneha, I request please take your writing to the next level.” That was the time I decided to take it live. I found myself between a blank page and a drop of ink.

I have experienced so many things in my life. Failure, Depression, Betrayal and the list goes on. Crying and blaming yourself for any situation is not a solution of any problem. So I started to look at the brighter side of those situations.

“Zindagi ki yahi reet hai haar ke baad hi jeet hai – This is the way of life, there’s a victory only after defeat.”

I switched my job,overcame from the depression, found an unconditional love in my life. All those tough situations molded me into the better person. The way I am. Today when I look back, I see life is all about the shades of color. Thus, All Shades Of Life came into existence.