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5 handy tips to take special care of Parents while Traveling

Whenever we look around in our home, there we always find a memory of traveling along with our parents but as kids. Those were the days we used to wait for our summer and winter vacation so that we can go out and travel along with our parents. And our parents used to plan each and everything. From booking a traveling ticket to find us appropriate clothes for our journey. The best part prior to journey was our eyes which used to twinkle by looking at the plastic bag dad used to bring and in that plastic bag existed loooooootsss…. and lots of eating stuff. From various kinds of biscuits, crisps and obviously cheese and jam. Yummy… isn’t it?

Then, the wheel of time had spun and we are grown up. Our parents made us so independent that we roam across the globe alone. But have you ever thought of traveling along with your parents? If yes, then this is the blog for you.

As mentioned in my previous blog that I am in a quest to discover my hometown; The Dakshin (South) India. The best people to accompany along were my parents and my guardian angel (my elder sister who looks younger than me😜 ). So in this blog, I am talking about the 5 handy tips to take special care for your mom and dad.

First and Foremost; Plan your trip along with your parents like they used to plan for us as a kid. Plan it at least two months ago. Make sure you do all the bookings well in advance from your transit to accommodation. Do not make a trip exhausting for them. Plan the trip to match their pace depending on their age and fitness.

When you are traveling with your parents you have to be extra careful about their health. Ensure to order or buy their monthly medicines. If you are traveling by air, make sure to keep their prescriptions handy. It is advisable to make one travel medical kit and keep all required medicines and first aid in it.

Whenever you are traveling somewhere, you must take care of and do the shopping as per your destination. Make sure you do shopping for your parents too. Like if you are going to some hill station then you have to keep them warm, if going on beaches so shop something suitable for beaches. One of the important things, no matter wherever you go buy comfortable footwear for them.

Before planning a trip with your parents, it is important to ask them their choice in terms of destination, activities, etc. Before booking, hotels/stays show them and ask for their preference. It is not important that if you want to go on some adventure vacation, they must also accept it. Don’t force them and instead respect their choice. Just be cautious about their age and fitness. Don’t disrespect and embarrass them.

Well, clicking pictures. Yeah, it is important to have as many family pictures as possible because when the trip ends and you look back, these pictures would play a very important role to bring back those memories. Click the candid and funny pictures. Capture the moment.

Going on a trip with your family and spending time with them is like a real blessing. Take a chance of improving the bond with your family. Every family has those tiny little misunderstandings. Try to sort that out and enjoy the quality time. Feel yourself lucky and have those feelings of gratitude. Always remember the time and moment you are spending with them is so precious that would never come back again. Cherish those moments and have a happy bonding.

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